Save Darcy Lever Cutting from being turned into a landfill tip.

After last years successful objections by residents to the developers plans, the land is now in the hands of the receivers and is up for sale.


On the 19th June 2017,
The Cutting will be auctioned for an estimated £175,000.

We are proposing that the charity of Leverhulme Park purchases  ‘The Cutting’ to save the beautiful wildlife corridor.

Thank you to  everyone who came to the meeting at The Farmers Arms on Tuesday 23rd May at 7pm. 

Please also sign our petition by following this link.

Petition: goo.gl/MHefcb

Result of the meeting

At the meeting it was agreed that all the groups in the area ie Darcy Lever Residents Association, Bolton Newts would write a letter to the Town Hall in support of the residents request to save the land from destruction.

If you havent already, please sign the online petition.  Petition: goo.gl/MHefcb

We are also urging people to write a letter stating your objections and sending it to Mrs Asquith at the Town Hall. A sample letter will follow to give you an idea. but these need to be in your own words  and sent- ideally by registered post BEFORE the auction on 19th June.

The auction catalogue has arrived – Edward-Mellor-Jun17catalogue. The land at the cutting is Lot number 46.



Auction registration at 1pm, bidding starts at 2pm on 19 June 2017 at AJ Bell Stadium Manchester M30 7EY

The sole trustees of the charity (Bolton Council) disposed of  part of Leverhulme Park to developers in 1997 for £1,000,000.

We are therefore asking the charity to use part of these funds to purchase ‘The Cutting’.

If ‘The Cutting’ is sold to developers, this will lead to it being filled in with potential uncontrolled waste. In order to do this, over 60 trucks a day will need to drive through
Breightmet or Darcy Lever every day, therefore disprupting travel routes considerably.

If you need more information you can contact us by email: save@darcylever.uk

View 2017 Cutting flyer