New trustees called for Leverhulme Park & the Cutting U-turn

From an article in Bolton News, the council

A NEW board of trustees could be set up to govern Leverhulme Park.

Decisions on how to manage sections of the park given to Bolton Council by Lord Leverhulme currently fall to the council leader, Cllr Cliff Morris.

However, Bolton Tory leader Cllr David Greenhalgh called yesterday for the creation of a new board to manage the park, which is a registered charity.

The suggestion was made after a report sent to the council’s cabinet outlined mistakes made in the park’s management — including the building of a leisure centre on charitable land without the consent of the Charity Commission…..

The article continues

The report into the park’s management was produced following Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from members of the Bolton North East Wildlife Trail (NEWT).

And then goes on to say

The report sent to cabinet also outlined the council’s justification for not purchasing land at Long Lane known as The Cutting, after a petition called for it to be saved from being sold to housing developers. The council said maintenance issues with two bridges and Japanese knotweed meant that purchasing the £175,000-rated land did not represent ‘best value’.

You can read the full report which was prepared BEFORE the meeting here.  Leverhulme-Park-and-land-at-Long-Lane-Darcy-Lever


This opens many more questions for us, such as why the maintenance of the bridges has never been enforced with previous owners of the cutting, and why the bowling club rent is so very low and possibly on charity owned land?

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