Railway Cutting

Roe deer in the cutting, Darcy Lever








On the 19th June 2017,
The Cutting will be auctioned for an estimated £175,000.

We are proposing that the charity of Leverhulme Park purchases  ‘The Cutting’ to save the beautiful wildlife corridor.

Please also sign our petition by following this link:

Petition: goo.gl/MHefcb

The sole trustees of the charity (Bolton Council) disposed of  part of Leverhulme Park to developers in 1997 for £1,000,000.

We are therefore asking the charity to use part of these funds to purchase ‘The Cutting’.

If ‘The Cutting’ is sold to developers, this will lead to it being filled in with potential uncontrolled waste. In order to do this, over 60 trucks a day will need to drive through
Breightmet or Darcy Lever every day, therefore disprupting travel routes considerably.

The result will effectively be a landfill site. It will take many years for the material to settle before it can be built on,  and will utterly destroy all the wildlife, flora and fauna currently established and the valuable wildlife corridor which joins the Gravel Pits to Leverhulme Park.

If you need more information you can contact us by email: save@darcylever.uk

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