Save Leverhulme Park demonstration Sunday 16th October 2pm

Save Leverhulme Park!- demonstration Sunday 16th October @ 2pm.

Meeting around the Blenheim Road entrance. Let the council know how you feel about the proposed changes to the park.

Residents of Breightmet and Darcy Lever will be staging a demonstration this Sunday to save Leverhulme Park. The council are planning to fence off a large section of the park which is currently open and freely accessible to all, including walkers, joggers, pram pushers, children at play, and cyclists. Use of the circuit would be chiefly limited to paying groups. Lord Leverhulme donated the park to the people of Bolton for the free and open enjoyment of all – not for a limited few who can pay for the privilege.
Large sections of the park have already been fenced off – for the running track and five-a-side pitches. The proposed cycle track will mean a much larger area becoming inaccessible to the general public. The park would cease to be a park in the accepted sense of the word.
It would also extend the entry into the park by cars and other vehicles, increasing the danger to children who currently use the park as a safe environment in which to play.
We are not against a cycle track. We are in favour. But not at the expense of park users and the general public. There must be other sites in the borough that do not involve fencing off a public park.
Finally, as trustees of the park, the Council is in effect applying to itself for permission, and granting itself approval. This is a clear conflict of interest and rules out any independent scrutiny of whether the proposal meets the terms of Lord Leverhulme’s original covenant outlining use of the park.
The demonstration will take place at 2pm on Sunday 16 October and we are urging all residents in the area, as well as park users generally, to come along and make their voices heard.

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